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HHA – QICS?Welcome to the Home Health Agency's Quality Improvement & Costs Strategies (HHAs – QICS)

HHAs – QICS is a tool designed to help HHAs explore opportunities for quality improvement. It is based on findings from a 2018 national survey of over 1,000 HHAs nationally about their quality improvement strategies and an economic analyses of costs and performance data of over 5,000 HHAs.

What can you do with HHAs – QICS?

HHAs – QICS allows you to apply the study findings to your HHAs to estimate:

  • The effect of the different quality improvement actions you select on composite quality measures related to HH Compare QMs.
  • The estimated costs of the actions you selected on your HHA's annual expenditures.
  • The effect on your HHA'a QMs.

Developed by iTEQC

HHAs -QICS is an initiative of iTEQC, a research arm of UC Irvine's Department of Medicine. iTEQC is a collaborative research effort to adapt information technologies in order to improve patient outcomes and lower health costs.

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NOTE: This web site cannot, and is not intended to provide accurate quality improvement and cost estimates. It can only provide approximate and general estimates based on the industry averages adjusted for important characteristics of your HHA. It, therefore, can be useful as a first step in your analysis to help you set priorities. It is not intended to replace careful operational and cost analysis specific to your HHA.